Main uses of atmospheric manways

The atmospheric manways is also known as the beading manways and the single beam YAB manhole, which is a negative pressure manways, usually installed on the top of the liquid containers.

Generally, atmospheric manways is made from SUS304 and 316L(common material used by manways supplier) , which is installed on the top of pressure tank(containers)and leads to the inside of the container. It can withstand pressures up to 1000Kp (10bar) and can be used in large tanks and containers in the industrial fields such as dairy beer, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and bioengineering.


The special requirements of various media in the pharmaceutical field are smooth and seamless, automatic emptying of the craft fluid channel is also very suitable for steam and local cleaning needs.In the manufacturing process,quality control is strictly in accordance with FDA requirements and using Computers 3D design to meet GMP standard.

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