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Manways Installation

Manways Installation Attentions:

The manways is a safety emergency ventilation device on the top of the tank. So we must pay attention to quality control of installation and carefully follow the installation instructions.


Before installation, the manways should be inspected comprehensively,such as models,specifications and dimensions of manways, if any damages and deformation during the transportation, if the dumpling chain or other parts are loose, if the manways cover and the tube section are out of joint. About Observation hole(viewing mirror) ,as a fragile window lens,we must check if there are any loosen bolts and cracks, if so, tighten the bolts and replace the lens,etc. The most important thing is to locate the specific hole position of the tank opening and know well about use requirements,and also need to check if the size of the tank opening matches the size of the manhole.

Likemetals specializes in manufacturing manways&manhole (such as stainless steel manhole,pressure manways,quick-open manhole,Sanitary manways,etc). With excellent quality,competitive price,fast delivery, We believe we can meet your any need.


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