Sanitary stainless steel manhole’ features and manufacturing points

With the continuous improvement of China’s economy, the pharmaceutical and food industries have also developed rapidly. The pressure tank manhole used in the pharmaceutical and food industries are no longer sufficient for current needs, and there is a need to improve the use of sanitary stainless steel manhole.

Followings are characteristics of Likemetals sanitary stainless steel manhole:

1. The pressure is moderate, around 0.3MPa, and the highest pressure is 1.0MPa.

2. clean everywhere, even those areas out of sight. Easy to clean both inside and outside.


3. Sanitary manhole is light-weight, labor-saving and easy to use.

So how to manufacture such sanitary stainless steel manhole?

The following is an introduction to manufacturing points:

1. The gap between the hook lock and the bolt should be small to prevent the hook lock from being too large after the force is applied to the manhole.


2. Using a spherical washer so that the bolt does not deform under the condition that the hook lock may have a small corner.

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